Ultra 1 & 2 Camera Accessories



Item No. VMA5600-20000S

Charges your camera's battery with direct sunlight.

Item No. VMA5400-10000S

Minimize camera downtime with a fully charged back-up battery.

Item No. VMA5410-10000S

Keeps your Arlo cameras powered with up to 2.5 x more battery life.

Item No. VMA5000-10000S

Securely mounts your Arlo camera anywhere for the perfect view.

Item No. VMA5100-10000S

The most secure mount to lock your Arlo camera in place.

Item No. VMA5400C-100APS

Charge up to two batteries at a time, so you’ll always have a spare.

Item No. VMA5600C-100UKS

Snaps into place to keep your camera charged at all times.

Item No. VMA5000C-100APS

Snaps into place to keep your Arlo cameras charged at all times.

Item No. VMB4540-100APS

Securely connects your Arlo cameras to internet and improve battery life.