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Upgrade Offers

We sent an email on January 1, 2023 regarding Arlo’s End of Life (“EOL”) policy, which referenced that the Arlo Pro (VMC4030) and Generation 3 (VMC3030) cameras and specific cloud services will be EOL on April 1, 2023. While it is true that on April 1, 2023 these camera models and some services will EOL, your hardware will continue to provide motion detection, push notifications, live streaming and the ability to record video to local storage (and use RATLS). However, due to the age of these EOL’d legacy devices, items like spare parts, ongoing firmware changes, repair services and exact replacements will no longer be available. And the services EOL means we will no longer support email notifications, or short-term video cloud storage.

As technology advances, transitions like this are inevitable, but we understand the frustration this can bring. As a “thank you” for being a valuable Arlo customer, we are extending a loyalty offer.

Eligibility Criteria
  • Customer must have onboarded an Arlo Pro (VMC4030) or Generation 3 (VMC3030) device before 01/01/2023
  • Offer valid for devices registered in AU only
  • Email address used to register your device and set up your Arlo account

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