Video Call Alerts

Receive a video call to your mobile the moment the doorbell is presssed, so you can see, hear and speak to whoever is there - without having to wait for the app to open!

Realistic Video

1080p resolution gives you realistic video so you can see what's happening at home.

Head to Toe Viewing Angle

A unique square field-of-view captures visitors from head to toe and even parcels on the floor so you can see exactly who and what is at your door.

Real-time Talk

Built in speaker & microphone lets you speak to visitors or warn off intruders even if you aren't home.

Loud Siren

Scare off intruders with the built-in 80 db smart siren that can be heard up to 30 metres away. Have it automatically go-off if motion is detected or trigger from the app to quickly raise the alarm.

Cleary hear when someone is at the door

Get notified with a sound directly through the Chime 2 whenever your doorbell has been activated.

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