What key features are available with Arlo Smart?

The following key features are available with Arlo Smart:

  • Person detection. With the help of advanced algorithms, your Arlo security camera filters out everyday movement, such as tree branches, and only alerts you when it detects a person.
  • e911. When you make an emergency phone call, you are connected to emergency dispatchers near the location where you make the phone call. When you use the e911 feature in the Arlo app, your call reaches the correct emergency dispatcher for the address specified in your Arlo app, no matter where you are.
  • Cloud activity zones. Your battery powered Arlo cameras now have the cloud activity zone feature. Using the Arlo app, you can create custom activity zones to highlight areas of interest in your camera’s view. When using cloud activity zones, your Arlo camera only records and notifies you when it detects motion inside of the activity zone. This feature ensures that you see what’s important and reduces the amount of unwanted alerts and recordings.
  • Rich notifications. With rich notifications, you don’t have to log in to your Arlo app every time you receive an alert. You have access to your snapshots and live streams directly from your smartphone’s lock screen, and you have the option to turn on the siren, call a friend, or contact emergency services with e911.