Why do I only hear one side of audio on my Arlo doorbell call recordings?

When you playback local recordings of video calls from your Arlo Video Doorbell, you might hear only one side of the call audio. This issue only occurs for video calls when you save your recordings to a local storage device in your Arlo SmartHub or base station and play the recordings on some third-party media players. Locally recorded motion triggered event recordings are not affected and neither are cloud recordings.

Note: With an active Arlo Smart trial or subscription plan, all Arlo video call recordings will be stored to the cloud. Recording to a USB drive or microSD card in your SmartHub or base station is optional. To set up local storage on your Arlo SmartHub or base station, visit How do I set up local storage backups on a USB device using my Arlo Pro base station or SmartHub?.

To play both sides of an Arlo audio recording:

  • Enable Direct Storage Access and download your local recordings from the Arlo app.
    When you use Direct Storage Access to download and play local recordings, both sides of the audio recording are present. For help setting up Direct Storage Access, visit What is Direct Storage Access and how do I use it?.
  • During video playback, try swapping between the two audio tracks included within the video recording. Instructions on how to do this vary by media player.
  • Check whether your media player is capable of playing multiple audio tracks simultaneously.
    Some free media players offer this capability.

Note: Only automatically triggered recordings and doorbell video calls are saved locally to the storage device connected to your Arlo SmartHub or base stations. Manual recordings are only saved to the Arlo cloud and must be accessed in the Arlo app.