How many cameras does Arlo support if I don't have an Arlo Smart subscription?

If you don’t have an Arlo Smart subscription, Arlo supports five cameras. However, if you purchase one of the following kits, the service plan supports six cameras:

  • Arlo HD Security System with 4 Arlo Wire-Free and 2 Arlo Q cameras (VMK3500)
  • Arlo Pro Smart Security System with 6 Cameras (VMS4630)
  • Arlo Pro 2 Smart Security Camera System with 6 Cameras (VMS4630P)

Note: The service plans that support six cameras apply only to customers who live in the United States or Canada.

If you purchase an Arlo Ultra camera kit, an Arlo Smart subscription might be included, depending on your country or region. For more information, visit What are the available Arlo subscription plans and how much cloud recording is available?.

For more information about these camera systems, visit the following product pages: