Where can I use an Arlo Go camera?

No WiFi? No problem! The Arlo Go mobile security camera is the ideal security monitoring solution when traveling or in areas with limited or no WiFi access. Arlo Go works anywhere in your service provider’s nationwide coverage area and supports 3G and 4G-LTE wireless connections.

Arlo Go cannot connect over WiFi and requires a data plan.

Arlo Go lets you keep an eye on the things that matter most, even far away from the nearest power outlet or home WiFi network:

  • Construction sites
  • Law enforcement
  • Campus security
  • Parking lots
  • Franchises
  • Hotel rooms
  • Cabins and vacation homes
  • RVs and trailers
  • Hunting and hiking trails
  • Workplaces and warehouses
  • Boats, docks, and marinas
  • Rental property
  • Large properties (back gates)
  • Remote secure areas such as military depots or airplane hangars
  • Day care and nursing homes
  • Farms and stables
  • Heavy equipment
  • Birds and wildlife

Arlo Go can be used 100% wire-free, but it comes with a charging cable that can stay plugged in indoors. Additionally, the micro SD card slot provides local recording in case of data signal interruptions.

The Arlo Solar Panel, spare batteries, and a battery charging station are sold separately so that you can minimize camera downtime, even in remote locations.


For more information about Arlo Go battery life and data usage, see What are average battery life and data usage for an Arlo Go camera?.