1080p video

180° viewing angle

100% Wireless

Bidirectional Audio

Connect and control with your favourite smart assistant.

Unique square viewing angle

180-degree field of view (1:1 aspect ratio) See more of who is at your door – capture the full picture in clear detail, from a person’s face, to a package on the ground.

Direct SIP calling

Find out who’s at your door faster with a direct call to your phone – no need to wait for an app to open, simply swipe to answer.

Built in siren

Have the integrated siren trigger automatically when motion is detected or sound it manually from the app.

High definition video
and night vision

Get a clear picture of who’s at your door with 1080p HD video. Plus check who’s there at night – without the need for a light.

Clearly hear when someone
is at the door 

Get notified with a sound directly through the Chime 2 whenever your doorbell has been activated.

More ways to respond

Hear and speak to whoever’s at your door or send pre-recorded messages if you’re unable to respond directly and even let visitors leave you a voicemail if you’re not home.

Flexible power

Install easily yourself using the rechargeable battery or have it wired into the mains* by a professional for continuous power.

*Requires existing hardwiring and chime with voltage between 8-24 VAC


Arlo Secure Subscription

Advanced Security Monitoring from just 4.90 CHF per month

An Arlo Secure subscription gives you access to market leading security features and secure cloud storage


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