Bad image quality/Black screen/Distorted colors/tinted video

Follow the steps if your problem concerns bad or distorted image quality:

1. Poor image quality: camera’s lense and battery level

Before checking more detailed settings, please clean your camera’s lense and check the battery level. If needed, charge your device and compare the image quality.

2. Temperature and environment

If the videos from camera placed outside are foggy or hazy, check the camera’s environment; remove the camera skin, if you use it. Please note that the condensation and low temperature can reduce the picture quality, especially during autumn and winter.

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3. Inverted/upside down image

If the picture quality is good, but you see the image upside down or inverted, you can easily change that in your Arlo Secure App or through Settings > Device > Video Settings > Rotate Image 180°.

4. Video settings

The video settings can be managed through the Arlo Secure App or via Go to Settings > Device > Video Settings and select the option “Best Video” for higher image quality. Note that this may reduce the battery life.

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5. Connectivity and network requirements

The distance between your Arlo device and router may cause network interferences and consequently, poor image quality. Place your camera in a location with good WiFi signal. Perform the speed test to be sure that your network meets our product’s requirements:

If your Arlo camera is connected directly to your router’s Wi-Fi network, you can also change the Wi-Fi channel for your device in the router’s settings. For more details, contact your Internet provider.

Try to reduce the number of networks, WiFi devices and transmitted frequencies near your camera and WiFi router, SmartHub, or base station.

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6. Tinted/distorted video

If the video recorded by your Arlo device is tinted, of if the colors are distorted (for ex. the video is pink or red), try to do the following:

  • take your camera inside and wait couple of minutes (2. Temperature and environment)
  • check the battery level and charge it, if needed
  • perform a factory reset on your Arlo device.

If the problem persists, you will need our experts’ assistance.

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You can find all user manuals for Arlo products on our official website: