What is the Arlo Smart animal detection feature?

The animal detection feature allows you to receive rich notifications when your Arlo camera detects an animal. Rich notifications allow you to see alerts from your lock screen that include images of what your camera recorded. The detected animal is highlighted by a bounding box in your rich notification. The Arlo Smart animal detection feature detects any animal larger than a small rodent.

Consider the following factors when using the animal detection feature:

  • Distance. The Arlo Smart animal detection feature detects all animals except small rodents within 50 feet of your Arlo camera. If a large animal is too far away, your Arlo camera might register it as a small rodent, and it won’t notify you.
  • Lighting. At night, animals must be within 25 feet of your Arlo camera to be detected.
  • View. Your Arlo camera must have a clear view of an animal to detect it. If an object, such as a tree, is partially blocking the animal, your Arlo camera might not detect it.

If your Arlo camera isn’t sure it detected an animal, you’ll receive this message: “Arlo thinks it saw an animal. If you would like to help improve Arlo’s algorithm, you can verify that Arlo detected an animal in your Library and donate the video footage when prompted by your Arlo app.