How can I protect my home while I travel during the summer?

Did you know? According to the U.S. Department of Justice, the rate of household burglary tends to be up to 11% higher in the summer than other seasons of the year.

Arlo security cameras are a great first step towards protecting your home while you’re away. Whether you’re embarking on a week-long vacation with your family or simply spending the afternoon running errands, here are our security tips from our experts to help keep your home safe this summer.

  1. Lock up.

    This may seem obvious – however, according to a study conducted by The University of North Carolina at Charlotte, most burglars reported entering through open windows or doors. Even if you’re leaving for a couple of hours, always check to ensure your doors and windows are securely shut and locked.

  2. Charge your cameras.

    Make sure your wire-free cameras are fully charged before leaving on a trip. You can always view the battery life for each camera in the Arlo app, and we’ll also send you email notifications when we detect that a battery is low. Click here to learn more about how to manage your email notifications.

    To ensure your cameras are always charged, consider installing an Arlo Solar Panel. Arlo Solar Panels keep your battery charged with direct sunlight – its weather resistant design and adjustable mount make installation easy, anywhere. Read more about Arlo Solar Panels here or how to extend your Arlo camera’s battery life here.

  3. Turn on the lights.

    The San Diego Police Department recommends using timers on lights, radios, TVs, etc. to make them go on and off during the day and night to make your home appear occupied. Try pairing your Arlo devices with smart home and voice assistant systems to trigger light when motion is detected. Learn more about how to pair your devices with smart home systems here.

    Don’t have a smart home device? Consider adding an Arlo Security Light to protect your home while you’re away. Arlo lights and cameras aren’t attached to each other, so they can go where they’re needed most. When you have your lights and cameras in different corners of your property, your motion area increases. Learn more about how to set up cross-triggering between your cameras and Arlo Security Lights here.

    Did you know? Arlo Ultra cameras have a built-in, integrated spotlight. Learn more about Arlo Ultra cameras here.

  4. Use social media wisely.

    Never announce your vacation plans or whereabouts on social media sites. In a recent survey of 50 convicted burglars in the UK, 40 said that social media was being used to identify properties with absent owners. To avoid being targeted, wait until after you get home to post your vacation blog and photos.

Want personalized notifications for what matters most? Consider adding an Arlo Smart plan. With Arlo Smart, you can create custom activity zones to focus on important areas like your front door or driveway. Arlo Smart also enables advanced object detection, so your cameras can identify and alert you when a person, animal, vehicle, or package is detected. Learn more about Arlo Smart here.

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