What do I need to know about Arlo Wire-Free camera batteries?

  1. What batteries should I use?
    We recommend that you use one of the following types of batteries:
    • The batteries supplied by Arlo with your Arlo Wire-Free camera
    • Tenergy Li-Ion RCR123A 3.7V 650mAh rechargeable batteries specifically marked “Works with Arlo”
    • Non-rechargeable batteries from other high quality, established, well-known manufacturers such as Panasonic, Energizer, or Duracell
      To purchase Tenergy rechargeable batteries for your Arlo Wire-Free camera, visit the following product page: Tenergy Rechargeable CR123 Batteries & Charger.
      For more information about battery safety and usage, visit Safety Rules for Arlo Wire-Free Camera Batteries.
  2. What do I need to know about how cold weather affects battery life?
    Cold temperatures can affect any battery's capacity because of the chemistry of batteries: the chemical reaction that produces electrical current takes place much more slowly in a cold environment. If you install your Arlo camera outside in cold temperatures, you might notice a shorter battery duration for the camera, or a faster than expected drop in the displayed battery capacity. For more information, visit How do I keep my Arlo batteries charged in cold weather?.
  3. Why does one Arlo camera battery drain faster than another Arlo camera battery?
    Your Arlo Wire-Free camera is flexible, and you can use it in a wide range of environments. However, the following conditions can affect battery life:
    • Low light. Your Arlo Wire-Free camera uses infrared sensors to monitor motion in the dark, which use more battery power than cameras monitoring motion in a well-lit room.
    • Poor connection to the base station. Arlo cameras work well when they have a strong WiFi connection to the base station. Cameras positioned far away from the base station, cameras located in a noisy WiFi environment, and cameras whose line of sight to the base station is heavily obstructed have a weaker connection to the base station. For more information about positioning your Arlo cameras, visit How do I position my Arlo Wire-Free or Arlo Pro Wire-Free camera?.
    • High video quality settings. Arlo cameras let you choose the quality level of the videos that they record. Cameras set to high quality video recording use more battery power than cameras set to low quality video recording. For more information, visit How do I change my Arlo camera's power management settings?.
  4. Will my WiFi environment affect my Arlo camera battery?
    Yes. If you have a noisy WiFi environment, your Arlo camera battery might drain faster because your camera has to work harder to communicate with the base station. For best results, position your Arlo cameras at least 6.5 feet (2 meters) away from each other and from other WiFi-enabled devices. You can also use a WiFi analyzer to test the WiFi noise in your environment.
  5. What do the battery icons in my Devices tab indicate?
    The battery icons indicate how much battery capacity is left. For more information about battery icons, visit How do I interpret my Arlo camera's battery level icons and notifications?.
  6. How do I ensure optimal safety and performance?
    For more information about extending battery life, visit How can I extend my Arlo Wire-Free, Arlo Pro Wire-Free, or Arlo Go camera's battery life?.

For more information about battery safety and usage, visit Safety Rules for Arlo Wire-Free Camera Batteries.