How do I convert the time stamp saved in Epoch time when I download recordings from a web browser?

The time stamp of an Arlo recording is displayed in the Library directly above each recording. The time stamp is also visible if you are playing back a video within the Library. However, if you download video clips from a web browser, the time stamp is saved in Epoch time.

Note: When you download recordings from the Arlo app, the time stamp is saved in your mobile device's video library.

For information about downloading video clips, visit How do I download video clips in my Arlo account?.

To convert the timestamp from Epoch time to Coordinated Universal Time:

  1. After you download the video file, save it to your computer.
  2. Note the time stamp, which is the filename of the video clip.

  3. Go to
  4. Type the time stamp into the Timestamp to Human date field. 
  5. Click the Timestamp to Human date button. 

    The new time stamp displays in Coordinated Universal Time.