My Arlo Solar Panel is not charging my Arlo Go or Arlo Pro camera battery; what do I do?

Recharge your Arlo camera before using it with the Arlo Solar Panel. The Arlo Solar Panel is meant to keep your camera charged, not to charge it from low to full battery.

To troubleshoot problems with your Arlo Solar Panel:

  1. Unplug and reinsert both ends of the solar panel charging cable.
    To unplug the charging cable and reinsert it into the solar panel, you must squeeze the sides of the plug. The sides of the plug click into place when the plug is fully inserted into the solar panel.
    Image of the Arlo Solar Panel with two closeups of the cable connection, one inserted and one not inserted
  2. Make sure that your solar panel is pointed toward the sun and is not obstructed by trees, buildings, or other obstacles.
    For more information, visit How do I position the Arlo Solar Panel to get the most sunlight?.
  3. Make sure that your Arlo camera is not in temperatures below freezing.
    For safety reasons, your Arlo camera battery cannot charge in temperatures below 32°F (0° C).
  4. Make sure that a battery is inserted into the Arlo camera that you are charging with the Arlo Solar Panel.
    The solar panel charges the battery, but it can’t power the camera if no battery is inserted.
  5. Make sure that your camera’s battery is fully charged when you connect the solar panel to your camera.
    The Arlo Solar Panel is designed to provide trickle charging to keep your camera battery charged, not to charge your camera battery from low to full.
  6. Reduce your camera usage for a day or two and note your camera’s battery level.
    Heavy usage of your camera can drain the camera battery faster than the solar panel can recharge it, especially with poor sun exposure.
  7. If you completed these troubleshooting steps and your solar panel is still not charging your camera battery, visit Arlo Support to speak to an expert.