How is Arlo Pro 2 different from Arlo Pro?

Arlo Pro 2 offers the same great features as Arlo Pro in addition to the following new features:

  • A wider field of view. Arlo Pro 2 offers a field of view 20 degrees wider than Arlo Pro. A wider field of view means fewer blind spots. With Arlo Pro 2, you capture more area with every shot.
  • Full HD 1080p video resolution. Arlo Pro 2 offers 1080p full HD resolution and crisp image quality with nearly identical battery life to Arlo Pro.
  • Look back. When plugged in, Arlo Pro 2 uses a pre-buffer to record the three seconds before motion is detected. Your motion-triggered video recordings start before the motion happens, so you don’t miss a thing. Pre-buffering also reduces the latency between motion detection and the start of video recording. When operating on battery power, Arlo Pro 2 does not pre-buffer.
  • Activity zones. When plugged in, Arlo Pro 2 allows you to set up activity zones. You can select up to three rectangular zones for your Arlo Pro 2 camera to focus on. Motion detected in other areas of the camera’s field of view does not trigger video recordings. When the camera is not plugged in, activity zones are disabled. These activity zones are on the camera, not in the cloud. They do not require a paid subscription plan.
  • CVR. When plugged in, Arlo Pro 2 is capable of continuous video recording (CVR) with an optional paid CVR plan. When the camera is not plugged in, CVR is disabled.

For more information about Arlo Pro 2, see the Arlo Pro 2 product page.