Will my Arlo Security Light still work if I experience a power outage?

If your home experiences a power outage, each Arlo Security Light that you paired with your Arlo Bridge continues to sense motion while your Arlo Bridge is offline.

If your Arlo Bridge was set to armed before the power outage and your Arlo Security Light’s rule is set to turn on when it senses motion, your Arlo Security Light illuminates, depending on the ambient brightness. While your Arlo Bridge is offline, your smartphone does not receive notification alerts and your Arlo Security Light cannot cross trigger other Arlo devices.

If your Arlo Bridge was set to disarmed before the power outage, but you want your Arlo Security Light to illuminate when it detects motion, power cycle your Arlo Security Light. Your Arlo Security Light is automatically reset to its default settings and operates in armed mode.  

Note: When the power at your home is restored and your Arlo Bridge comes back online, your custom settings before you experienced a power outage are enabled again.

For information about power cycling your Arlo Security Light, visit How do I power cycle my Arlo Security Light?.