How can I record in 4K with an Arlo Ultra camera?

Arlo Ultra enables you to record 4K videos in three different ways: local live streaming, motion cloud recording, and recording to a local storage device.

To take full advantage of 4K video quality with Arlo Ultra, you must have an Arlo Smart Elite subscription plan. For more information, visit What Arlo subscription do I need to record with 4K resolution?.

  • Local Live Streaming
    You can live stream in 4K from Arlo Ultra if your Arlo app and Arlo SmartHub are on the same local network. If you enable 4K live streaming in your Arlo Ultra video settings, 4K live video automatically streams when you tap or click the play button in the Devices tab of the Arlo app or website.
    For more information on local 4K live streaming, visit How do I stream in 4K with my Arlo Ultra camera?.
  • Motion Cloud Recording in 4K
    You must have an Arlo Smart Elite subscription plan to activate motion cloud recording in 4K. If you have motion cloud recording activated in your Arlo app, Arlo Ultra can record in 4K when it detects motion or sound. The 4K recording is sent to the cloud where you can view it in the Library of your Arlo app.
    Note: If you’re not subscribed to Arlo Smart Elite, the maximum video resolution of your Arlo Ultra camera is 1080p, and your camera will not trigger on motion or audio events.
  • Recording to a local storage device
    You can record 4K videos from Arlo Ultra to a microSD card or USB device by inserting one into your Arlo SmartHub or base station. To view local storage recordings, remove the microSD card or USB device from your Arlo SmartHub, and watch them on a device with a microSD card or USB Type-A reader. For more information, visit How do I record 4K videos to a local storage device?.