Will I need to reconfigure any settings after downloading the new Arlo app?

When you download and install the new Arlo app, you will need to reconfigure some of the settings that you had in the Arlo Legacy app. For more information about the new Arlo app, visit Why do I need to download a new Arlo app?.

You must reconfigure the following settings:

  • Geofencing. If you set up Geofencing in the Arlo Legacy app, you are asked to re-enable your mobile device(s) in the new app to automatically trigger Home and Away modes based on location. When you update to the new app, the Arlo Legacy app no longer triggers location-based mode changes on any device linked to your account. For more information about Geofencing, visit Why isn’t the Geofencing mode working?.
  • Fingerprint and face authentication. You need to enable fingerprint or face authentication if you use them to sign in to the Arlo app. For more information, visit How do I log in to the Arlo app using fingerprint or face authentication?.
  • Arlo push notification settings in iOS and Android. Your push notification preferences on iOS and Android might be changed when you install the new Arlo app. Navigate to your device’s notification settings, and verify that they are correct. For more information, visit Why am I not receiving Arlo notifications on my iOS device? or Why am I not receiving Arlo notifications on my Android device?.
  • Call a Friend. If you’re an Arlo Smart user, you need to re-enter the Call a Friend contact information in the new app.
  • Arlo Audio Doorbell Quick Reply Messages. If the Quick Reply Messages on your Arlo Audio Doorbell are in a different language, you need to reset them to your preferred language. For more information, visit How do I change the language of Quick Reply Messages on my Arlo Audio Doorbell?.
  • Arlo Baby Auto Livestreaming. You need to reset your preferences for Arlo Baby’s Auto Livestreaming setting. To do this, visit the device settings of your Arlo Baby camera.
  • All other Arlo Features. Your recordings, camera settings, and account information are NOT affected when you transition to the new app.