What is Stringify and how do I use it with my Arlo cameras?

Stringify is a mobile app that transforms the way you connect your life by bringing your physical and digital things together to help you create experiences, save time, save money, stay healthy, and have fun.


Integrating your Arlo cameras into the Stringify app allows them to connect and interact with more than 600 smart home products and digital services. Stringify connects your smart products and services using flows that you can download, modify, or create using the Stringify app on your iOS or Android device.


Motion, audio, or low battery notifications from Arlo cameras can be triggers for Stringify flows, or Stringify flows can instruct Arlo cameras to arm, disarm, and record video clips.


Example Flows

If you are using a mobile device with the Stringify app installed, you can tap on any of the following images to download the pictured flow directly to the Stringify app.


When my Location is at least 1000 feet away from home,

Then arm my Arlo camera.



When my Location is within 1000 feet of home,

Then disarm my Arlo camera system.



When the door opens and my Arlo camera is armed,

Then record a video with Arlo and turn on my LIFX lights,

And then send me a notification with a thumbnail and link to the video.



When my Arlo camera is armed and it detects motion,

Then send me a notification with the camera name and time of the event,

And if it is night time, turn on my LIFX lights.



When I press the blue Stringify button,

Then record a video on my Arlo camera,

And then send me an email message with the camera name along with the video link and thumbnail.



Stringify is compatible with Arlo Wire-Free, Arlo Pro Wire-Free, Arlo Q, and Arlo Q Plus cameras. The Stringify app is currently only available for iOS devices (iPhone, iPod, iPad), and Android devices, but not for computers or for other mobile operating systems. To learn more about Stringify, visit stringify.com.


For more information about how you can combine Stringify and Arlo cameras to make your life easier, see the following Stringify blog post: https://www.stringify.com/focus-on-iot/focus-smart-home-security-cameras/.


For more information about integrating your Arlo cameras into Stringify, see How do I add Arlo cameras to the Stringify app?.