How can I receive fewer Arlo notifications?

Arlo only sends notifications according to the rules in the mode that is currently active. To reduce unwanted notifications, you might need to adjust the position of one or more cameras, reduce motion or audio sensitivity, change your notification settings, or create a custom mode.  

To reduce the number of unwanted notifications that you receive:

  1. Position your camera so that it does not pick up the motion that is triggering the camera to notify you.
    For example, if Arlo is notifying you about cars passing in the street, aim your camera so that the street is outside the camera's field of view. You can also create activity zones for your camera to focus on.
    For more information about camera positioning, visit How do I position my Arlo wire-free camera?. For more information about activity zones, visit What are activity zones and how do I create them?.
  2. If you are unable to position your camera so that the field of view only includes motion that you care about, reduce your camera's motion sensitivity instead.
    You must reduce your camera's motion sensitivity in the rules for each mode in which you receive unwanted notifications.
    For more information about finding the right motion sensitivity setting,
    visit How do I use the motion detection test for my Arlo device?. For more information about how to adjust your camera's motion sensitivity, visit How do I change the motion sensitivity on my Arlo camera?.
  3. If you are receiving unwanted sound-triggered notifications, reduce the audio sensitivity settings on the camera or cameras that are triggering too often.
    You can also edit your modes and rules to record based only on motion if all of the sound-based notifications are unwanted.
    For more information about changing audio sensitivity settings, visit How do I change the audio sensitivity on my Arlo camera?.

    For more information about disabling sound detection, visit How do I enable or disable motion or sound detection?.
  4. If you like the amount of videos that Arlo is recording, but you want to receive fewer notifications, either edit the notification settings in your modes and rules or create a different custom mode for when you want recordings without notifications.
    For example, you can create a mode that records but does not send notifications so that you can watch pet videos in your Arlo library without getting notified every time your pet moves or makes noise.
    For more information about changing notifications settings, visit How do I set up notifications or alerts?.
    For more information about creating modes, visit the following KB articles: