Why is Arlo Baby’s LED blinking blue when Arlo Baby is already connected to the Internet?

Due to a hardware limitation, the blue and purple LEDs on your Arlo Baby might be difficult to distinguish.

If your Arlo Baby is connected to your WiFi network but has a poor connection to your router, the LED blinks purple. If you see what looks like a blinking blue LED but your Arlo Baby is already connected to your WiFi network, the LED is likely blinking purple, not blue. Arlo Baby’s LED only blinks blue when Arlo Baby is first connecting to the Internet and for three seconds after you plug in the power adapter.

If your Arlo Baby’s LED is blinking purple, follow the troubleshooting steps in this article to improve your Arlo Baby’s WiFi connection: My Arlo Baby has a poor WiFi connection and the LED is blinking purple; what do I do?.