What is Samsung SmartThings, and how do I use it with my Arlo cameras?

With Samsung SmartThings, you can integrate your Arlo Pro, Wire-Free, Q Plus, or Q cameras into the SmartThings app, so all of your smart devices can work together. For example, if your Arlo camera detects motion, SmartThings tells your Aeon Labs Siren to trigger your alarm.

After you integrate your Arlo cameras into the SmartThings app, you must use the SmartThings app to configure your modes and rules. If you edit your modes and rules in the Arlo app, you disarm the SmartThings mode. You can continue to use the Arlo app to view the library.

After syncing your Arlo cameras with the SmartThings app, a SmartThings mode displays in your Arlo app. Your Arlo system must remain in the SmartThings mode for your system to work with the SmartThings app. All mode configuration must be done in the SmartThings app except for adjusting your cameras' motion sensitivity settings. When you integrate Arlo into the SmartThings app, the motion sensitivity for each camera is set to a default of 80. If your camera works more effectively at a different setting, you can use the Arlo app to change it. If you choose to no longer use the SmartThings app, turn off SmartThings mode in your Arlo app.

When you integrate Arlo with SmartThings, the Arlo app sends push notifications to the SmartThings app. The SmartThings app sends you notifications about Arlo and your other SmartThings devices. If you still receive push notifications from Arlo after you integrate with SmartThings, use your smartphone's settings to turn off Arlo notifications.

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