What do the different LED behaviors on my Arlo camera mean?

To determine the status of your Arlo camera, refer to the LED on the front face of the camera.

Arlo Ultra, Ultra 2, Pro 3, and Pro 3 Floodlight Camera

  • The camera can’t be found, is out of range, or some other connection error occurred during the pairing process.
  • The camera battery is low.
  • A firmware update is in progress.
  • A reset is in progress.

Arlo Pro 2, Arlo Pro, and Arlo Wire-Free

Arlo Go

  • No SIM card is inserted or the SIM card is damaged.
  • During a sync, the battery charge is low.
  • During the motion detection test, motion is detected.
  • The camera is connected to the cellular network but it cannot connect to the cloud.
  • During a QR code scan, the scan failed.
  • The USB charging cable or adapter is incompatible.
  • The camera is registered and is connected to the mobile network.
  • The battery is fully charged.
  • The camera is connected to the cloud.
  • A compatible charger is connected.

Arlo Q and Q Plus

Arlo Baby