1080p video

Wide viewing angle

Mains connection

Two-way audio

An Arlo Essential Security camera placed on a shelf in a sitting room, Good Design award

Connect and control with your favourite smart assistant

An Arlo Essential Indoor security camera placed on a shelf, captures live action and has a privacy shield which can be closed when set to disarm mode

Privacy shield

Disarm your cameras audio and video when you are home for more complete privacy. Close the privacy shield over the lens when the indoor security camera is set to disarm mode and quickly open via the app to instantly view live action.

An image on a phone shows a baby in a cot in his room asleep at night with a list of options on the screen

HD video and night vision

Get a clear picture of who and what is in your home with 1080p HD video and crisp night vision.

A visual effect shows the built-in siren of the Arlo Essential Indoor security camera

Built in Siren

The home security camera features an integrated siren that can trigger automatically when motion is detected or be set-off manually from the app to deter intruders.

An arlo security camera is shown plugged into the mains on a shelf

Easy Installation

Plugs into your mains power for straight forward set-up and 24/7 power. The IP cameras compact design lets you place it in more places around your home.

A visual effect shows that an Arlo Essential Indoor security camera connects easity to your 2.4Ghz wifi network

Connect direct to WIFI

No base station required – simply connect your indoor security camera to your 2.4Ghz wifi network for the doorbell to work.

A person holding a mobile phone screen sees the image of a child in the living  captured by an Arlo Indoor security camera

Crystal clear audio

Hear and speak to anyone in your home from your smartphone, through the built-in speaker and microphone.

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Arlo Secure Subscription

Advanced Security Monitoring from just 29NOK per month

An Arlo Secure subscription gives you access to market leading security features and secure cloud storage

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