Why can't I sign up for Arlo Smart?

Check the following guidelines to access Arlo Smart:

  • You must sign up for Arlo Smart in the Arlo web portal at my.arlo.com or in the Android app. You can’t sign up for Arlo Smart or change your account information in the iOS (Apple) version of the Arlo app.
  • You cannot sign up for Arlo Smart if it is not available in your country. For a list of countries where Arlo Smart is supported, visit Where is Arlo Smart available?.
  • To access Arlo Smart, you must use the Arlo app and add at least one camera to the Arlo account with your Arlo Smart subscription.
  • Arlo Smart can only be purchased by the owner of an Arlo account. Friends on an Arlo account can’t purchase Arlo Smart, even if they have admin access.