Why has the Arlo app stopped live streaming?

You can view streams from your Arlo camera for a maximum of 30 minutes. If you view a stream for longer than 30 minutes, the Arlo app will stop streaming. To resume the stream, simply press the play button again.

The 30-minute streaming limit is implemented to avoid potential problems when a stream is accidentally left active. The following problems might occur with an unlimited stream that is accidentally left active:

  • Continuous streaming of HD content strains your network bandwidth, and it might cause data allowance overages.
  • Many Arlo cameras are wire free, and continuous streaming drains the battery on wire-free cameras significantly faster.

Arlo cameras won’t miss any action, even when you aren’t there to view the stream. Features like motion notifications, cloud recording, and Auto Zoom and Tracking assure that all the action in your camera’s field of view is recorded.

If you prefer constant recording from your Arlo cameras, you can purchase a continuous video recording (CVR) add-on plan. For more information, visit What is continuous video recording (CVR) and how do I get it?.