How do I troubleshoot problems with Arlo activity zones?

If you receive unwanted notifications or recordings after adding activity zones for an Arlo camera, take these steps to help fix the problem:

  1. Adjust your camera’s angle or position. If possible, adjust your device so that it does not record an area you don’t want to monitor. This is helpful if your camera is pointed toward a street or walkway with frequent traffic that you want to ignore. Make sure to adjust your activity zones after making this change.
  2. Adjust your camera’s field of view. If you’re unable to adjust your camera’s physical angle or position, you can use the Arlo app to digitally adjust the camera’s field of view. To do this, tap the settings (gear) icon under the camera feed, then tap Video Settings. In the Video Settings page, pinch and zoom the camera live stream to focus on the area that you want to monitor. Make sure to adjust your activity zones after making this change.
  3. Turn off Auto Zoom and Tracking. Auto Zoom and Tracking can impact Arlo Smart accuracy, including activity zones. If you are using activity zones, we recommend that you also turn off Auto Zoom and Tracking.
  4. Reduce the size of your activity zones. Only part of an object to enter the activity zone for the object to be detected. For example, if you want to receive notifications when people walk up to your door, only cover the walkway with an activity zone, rather than your entire front yard. If a person’s feet enter the activity zone, they will be detected, even if their entire body is not in the zone.
  5. Reduce motion sensitivity. A high motion sensitivity setting might be causing unwanted notifications. For more information, visit How do I change the motion sensitivity on my Arlo camera?.
  6. Check your Smart notification settings. If you are receiving unwanted push notifications when activity zones are active, make sure your Smart notification settings are correct. To change Smart notification settings, open the Arlo app, then tap Settings > Smart Notifications, then select your camera. Make sure the toggles are off for object types you don’t want to receive notifications for.
    Note: These toggles only impact notifications, but you still receive recordings in the library for the objects that you toggle off.
  7. Avoid creating an activity zone that includes objects that constantly move. If your Arlo camera wakes up due to a passing person or car outside of a zone, and an object inside of a zone, such as a tree branch or flag, constantly moves, this can cause unwanted alerts and recordings. Make sure you follow the above steps 1, 2, and 4 to avoid this scenario.

For information about setting up and using activity zones, visit What are activity zones and how do I create them?.