How do I add and manage multiple mobile devices for geofencing?

If you want multiple mobile devices to participate in your Arlo geofencing, ensure that the required conditions are met, then follow the steps to enable or disable geofencing for the devices.

Ensure that these conditions are met:

  • Your Arlo devices are online.
  • Your geofencing feature is enabled.
  • Your friend’s mobile device is added to your account.
  • For more information about adding devices, visit How do I add friends to my account?.
  • (Required when your friend wants to participate in geofencing) Your friend is logged in to the Arlo App on their mobile device.
  • (Required when your friend wants to participate in geofencing) Your friend’s mobile device has the GPS or location service enabled.

To enable and disable geofencing to your friends' mobile devices:

  1. Log in to the Arlo App on your mobile device.
  2. Tap Mode > Arlo device
  3. Tap the pencil next to Geofencing.
  4. Tap Enabled Devices.
    The Enabled Device screen displays a list of geofencing enabled mobile devices.
  5. Tap the mobile devices that you want to enable for geofencing.
  6. A check mark appears next to the device name when geofencing is enabled.
    The device location displays as either In Zone or Out of Zone.
  7. Tap Done.
  8. (Optional) To disable geofencing, tap the mobile device again.
    The check mark disappears when geofencing disabled.


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