What are the minimum requirements for installing and using my Arlo Go camera?

Connectivity requirements

You need the following to activate your Arlo Go camera:

  • A computer running Windows or macOS, or a mobile device with Internet access
  • An activated SIM card with a data plan
    A SIM card comes pre-installed in every Arlo Go camera, but you must activate your SIM card with your service provider. If you are using an Arlo Mobile service plan, you do not need to activate your SIM card, but you must purchase an Arlo Mobile service plan after you use your included free minutes of service. For more information about activating your SIM card, see the following knowledge base articles:

Arlo app requirements

To download the mobile app for your Apple or Android device, visit your device's app store and search for Arlo.

  • Apple devices: For all future product and app enhancement updates, the Arlo app requires iOS version 11 or higher.
  • Android devices: For all future product and app enhancement updates, the Arlo app requires Android version 5.0 or higher.

Arlo web portal requirements

The Arlo web portal requires the following:

  • A computer running macOS or Windows.
  • One of the following web browsers:
    • Chrome on Windows and macOS (latest version)
    • Firefox on Windows and macOS (latest version)
    • Safari on macOS (latest version)
    • Microsoft Edge on Windows (latest version)

Note: If you use the Arlo app on an earlier OS version than these minimum versions, the Arlo app might not function as expected.

During activation, your Arlo Go camera must be in a location with cellular data coverage. For more information about LTE connectivity, see How can I optimize LTE connectivity for my Arlo Go Wire-Free camera?.

For more information about setting up your Arlo Go camera, see How do I set up my Arlo Go camera?.