What is the Arlo Smart rich notification feature?

With rich notifications, you no longer have to log in to your Arlo app when you receive an alert. Rich notifications allow you to see alerts from your lock screen that include images of what caused the camera to record. From your lock screen, you can activate the siren, call a friend, or activate the e911 feature.

To view the video and control your Arlo system from a rich notification:

  1. Press and hold the notification from your device’s lock screen.
    Note: If you are using an iOS (Apple) device, and 3D touch is activated in your system settings, press down on the notification.
    Alternatively, slide the notification to the left and tap View.

  2. Tap Sound Alarm, Call Friend, or Call e911.
    Or tap the notification again to open the Arlo app.
  3. Tap the more icon () at the top right to adjust notification settings.