Arlo Spin-off FAQ

Arlo Spinoff from Netgear – Support Impact

Will I have two different support accounts, one for Arlo and one for Netgear?

Yes, your Arlo login account will be considered your support account for Arlo.

Will I be able to see my Arlo products and update my Arlo account from the portal as I was previously able to?

Although your Arlo products may still be visible in the portal, they will be inactive.

How do I reset the password and email/username for my Arlo account?

You can reset your password and email by logging into the Arlo web client, the iOS Arlo app, or Android Arlo app, visit the following KBs for more details:

What is the phone number for Arlo support?

For U.S., you can call 408-638-3750 for support. Visit for additional country specific phone numbers.

Can I still call NETGEAR for support for my Arlo?

You should contact Arlo for all of your Arlo support needs, see

What if my issue is with both a NETGEAR product and an Arlo product?

Please feel free to contact either NETGEAR or Arlo support for assistance with this situation.

Who do I contact for support on my MR1100 that I am using as an Arlo base station?

For the MR1100, please contact Netgear support at