How can I tell if my Arlo Security Light is within range of my Arlo Bridge?

If your Arlo Security Light is online and within range of your Arlo Bridge, you see a switch for manual control of the light in your Arlo Devices screen. If you can see the light respond when you slide the switch on or off, the light’s current location is within range of the bridge.

You can also use the range finder test to verify that a light is within range.

To run a range finder test:

  1. Launch the Arlo app on your mobile device.
  2. On the Devices screen, tap the gear icon for your Arlo Security Light.
    The Device Settings page displays for the selected light.
  3. Tap Range Finder Test to turn the test on or off.
  4. While carrying your mobile device, move around with your Arlo Security Light to find the best location.
    Your Arlo Security Light LED blinks as follows:
    • Green. Your Arlo Light is within range of your Arlo Bridge.
    • Red. Your Arlo Light is outside of your Arlo Bridge’s range.

The range finder test turns off automatically after five minutes if you do not turn it off from the Arlo App.

If you can’t find bridge and light locations that work with your property, you can expand your coverage zone by adding an extra Arlo Bridge (sold separately). For example, you could use one Arlo Bridge to control your front yard lights and another Arlo Bridge for the back yard lights. Each Arlo Bridge has a range of up to 100 feet. Arlo Bridges are not weather resistant and must be placed indoors.