What WiFi security protocols does my Arlo Bridge support?

The Arlo Bridge supports only the W-Fi Protected Access 2 (WPA2) security protocol for WiFi.

WEP and WPA security protocols are not supported due to known security vulnerabilities.

The following excerpt from the Wi-Fi Alliance’s Technical Note - Removal of TKIP from Wi-Fi® Devices explains why the Arlo Bridge does not support WEP or WPA:

“WPA, which uses Temporal Key Integrity Protocol (TKIP), no longer provides sufficient security to protect consumer or enterprise Wi-Fi® networks. TKIP is an older security technology with known vulnerabilities to some cryptographic attacks. TKIP and WEP use the same underlying cipher, and, consequently, they are vulnerable to a number of similar attacks. TKIP was designed as a transitional mechanism in 2004 for devices equipped with WEP and unable to support AES. Due to the known vulnerabilities of TKIP, networks utilizing it may be more susceptible to attack.”

If you are currently using a different security protocol but your router supports WPA2, you can log in to your router to switch to WPA2.

If your router does not support WPA2, you must upgrade to one that supports it before setting up your Arlo Bridge.