What modes are available for my Arlo Security Light system?

Modes let you tell your Arlo devices to respond differently at different times. For example, you probably don’t want to receive an alert about motion in the yard when you are gardening. You might want to turn on a different mode when you’re away on vacation than when you’re just out at the store for an hour. Arlo modes give you complete control over how your Arlo devices respond to motion.

You can create your own modes, but the Arlo app comes with the following modes:

  • Armed. Detection is on for this device.
  • Disarmed. Detection is off for this device.
  • Schedule. Manage detection based on a schedule.
  • Geofencing. You can use geofencing to arm, disarm, or resume a schedule mode when you arrive at or leave a given location based on your mobile device.

You can customize the Armed and Schedule modes, and you can also add new modes.

You can create different modes for the same light, but each bridge and its connected lights can use only one mode at a time.