The Arlo Bridge that came with my Arlo Security Light system is offline; what do I do?

If your Arlo Bridge is offline, try the following:

  • Make sure that your Arlo Bridge is plugged in and powered on.
  • Make sure that your Arlo Bridge is connected to your router. If your Arlo Bridge isn’t connected to your router, the bridge’s LED blinks amber. Try moving your Arlo Bridge closer to your router.
  • If you are setting up your bridge for the first time, make sure that you entered your WiFi network name and password correctly.
  • Minimize the number of walls and ceilings between your router and your Arlo Bridge.
  • Make sure that your WiFi is working. If your Arlo Bridge’s LED is blinking purple, your bridge is connected to your WiFi network but can’t connect to the Internet. Connect to WiFi on a different device and make sure that you can access the Internet.
  • Make sure that your Arlo Bridge isn’t plugged into a power source that’s on the floor. For example, if your Arlo Bridge is plugged into an extension cord or power strip that’s on the floor, move it to a higher outlet, such as a standard wall outlet or countertop outlet.
  • Power cycle your Arlo Bridge: unplug the bridge, wait 20 seconds, and plug it back in.

If you tried all of these steps and your Arlo Bridge is still offline, contact Arlo Support to speak with an expert.