How does the spotlight on my Arlo camera work?

Some Arlo cameras are equipped with an integrated spotlight that can be activated at night for better video quality. You can activate the spotlight manually in your camera’s live stream. Otherwise, if your Arlo camera is Armed, the spotlight automatically activates, and the camera starts recording when motion is detected.

In your Arlo camera's device settings, you can adjust the spotlight behavior and brightness. Within the spotlight behavior menu, you can set your spotlight to shine constantly, flash, or pulsate.

Arlo spotlight behaviors:

  • Constant. The spotlight remains on for however long it is activated.
  • Flash. The spotlight rapidly flashes on and off.
  • Pulsate. The spotlight slowly flashes on and off.

To activate the spotlight from a live stream:

  1. Launch the Arlo app or log in to
    The Devices page displays
  2. Tap or click the play button on the video feed of a compatible Arlo camera.
  3. Tap or click the flashlight icon.
    To adjust the brightness of the spotlight, tap and hold or click and hold the flashlight icon and adjust the slider to your preferred brightness.
  4. To turn off the spotlight, tap or click the flashlight icon again.

To activate or change the Arlo camera's spotlight behavior:

  1. Launch the Arlo app or log in to
  2. Tap or click Settings > My Devices.
  3. Select your Arlo camera.
  4. Tap or click Video Settings > Low Light Settings.
  5. Tap or click the slider next to Spotlight.
    You can move the slider under Brightness to adjust the brightness of the spotlight.
    You can also change the behavior of the spotlight to Constant, Flash, and Pulsate.

Note: Changing your camera's spotlight behavior changes how the spotlight behaves when it activates due to motion detection.