VueZone end-of-life Information and FAQs

End of VueZone Service

VueZone services will be discontinued on August 13, 2019. All service plans will be affected.

After August 13, 2019, the following will apply:

  • VueZone services will no longer be available;
  • All VueZone hardware products, including base stations and cameras, will cease to communicate with the VueZone back-end cloud services.
  • Any videos and photos you have saved in the VueZone cloud will not be retrievable;
  • Access to the VueZone web application ( and to the VueZone mobile applications will be unavailable to all customers;
  • VueZone service plans will no longer be supported, and no service plan fees will be charged after this date.
  • Arlo Customer Support will no longer provide technical support for VueZone products.

We understand that this may be disappointing news for our VueZone users. However, Arlo no longer has the resources to simultaneously maintain the older VueZone platform and the new Arlo platform while providing the great experience we want for our users.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What happens to my paid Premier or Elite service subscription?

If this is an annual paid plan, you will be refunded the balance remaining for unused service. If this is a monthly plan, it will no longer renew after August 13, 2019.

What happens to my data after August 13, 2019?

All VueZone images and recordings remaining on the cloud will be deleted and will not be recoverable after this time. Please download any images or recordings from your account that you would like to keep before this date. See How to download a VueZone recording or snapshot to your computer for more details.

What happens to my account and login information?

You will no longer be able to login to the VueZone portal.

What do I do with my device after August 13, 2019?

The VueZone system should be recycled as e-waste. Check your local regions regulations regarding e-waste recycling.

What other products can I buy to replace my VueZone device?

The Arlo line of cameras is the next generation of VueZone camera with all of what you loved about VueZone with additional functionality such as audio and enhanced video resolution. See for more details on the various models and options.