Why is the live stream from my Arlo Ultra camera green, purple, or gray?

The status of the live stream from your Arlo Ultra camera can be affected by WiFi or Internet connectivity issues. This does not affect the video recordings that are saved in your Arlo library. Because 4K streaming uses more network resources than lower resolution video, you might notice that the live stream turns completely green, purple or gray only when you’re using multiple 4K live streams at the same time.

For information about optimizing your network when using 4K streaming, visit How can I reduce connectivity issues when I live stream in 4K on multiple cameras?.

For the best experience when livestreaming, we recommend the following:

  • Your Internet connection supports an average upload speed of 4 Mbps or better. To check, connect to your network with WiFi and visit www.speedtest.net. The result of the Internet speed test might change, depending on varying amounts of traffic and time of day. For accurate results, run the speed test multiple times.
  • Place your Arlo Ultra camera in a location within 300 feet (90 meters) distance of your Arlo SmartHub.

If you’re still experiencing connectivity issues in your WiFi network, try the following:

  • If your WiFi network supports both the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz WiFi bands, try connecting your smartphone to the 5 GHz WiFi network.
  • Adjust your WiFi network to minimize WiFi congestion and interference. For instance, you can try changing the Channel setting for your router. For more information, check the instructions that came with your router.
  • Try using fewer simultaneous 4K live streams. Your WiFi network’s bandwidth might not be able to handle multiple 4K live streams at the same time, such live streams, alert streams, and SD card recording.