My Arlo device won’t scan the QR code when I am connecting it to a router; what do I do?

You can connect some Arlo devices directly to a router, without using an Arlo SmartHub or base station. This requires your Arlo camera to scan a QR code from the Arlo app during the setup process. If your Arlo device does not emit a chime sound after scanning the QR code, then the QR code was not successfully scanned. Continue reading this article if you did not hear a chime.

If your Arlo device did not scan the QR code:

  • Move your mobile device farther from or closer to the camera lens.
    Your mobile device might not be at a good distance or angle for your Arlo device to scan the QR code. 
    • Try positioning your mobile device approximately 6 inches (15cm) from the camera lens, and slowly move it closer. If that doesn’t work, try moving it farther away from the camera lens.
    • You can also try different angles.
  • Decrease or increase the brightness on your mobile device.
    Your mobile device’s brightness might be too high or low for the camera to scan the QR code.
    • If it’s dark outside, try setting the brightness on your mobile device to the 50% level.
    • If it’s bright outside, try raising the brightness on your mobile device to the highest level.
  • Disable ‘Dark Mode’ if you’re using an iOS device.
    • In your iOS Settings, scroll down to find and select Display & Brightness. Choose Light mode under the Appearance options.
  • Scan the QR code in an evenly lit area.
    • Avoid scanning the QR code in the dark or in direct sunlight. If possible, turn on porch lights if you are installing at night, or provide some shade if your Arlo device is exposed to direct sunlight during installation.
  • If you are setting up an Arlo Essential Video Doorbell and the IR LED is on while you are scanning the QR code, cover the IR LED with your thumb.
  • Try using a device with a larger screen, such as a tablet or iPad, if available.
  • Clean the camera lens.
    • The camera lens might have debris or a smudge on it, hindering its ability to scan the QR code. Try using a lint-free cloth to remove anything that might prevent the camera from scanning the QR code.
  • Factory reset your device.
    If you tried every other solution on this list, and your device still won’t scan the QR code, you can try factory resetting your Arlo device. For help factory resetting your device, visit How do I factory reset my Arlo wire-free camera? or How do I reset my Arlo Essential Video Doorbell?.