What is the difference between Arlo Pro 3 and Arlo Pro 4?

Arlo Pro 4 offers all the same features and more installation flexibility than Arlo Pro 3. You can connect your Arlo Pro 4 camera directly to a WiFi router, an Arlo SmartHub, or an Arlo base station, whereas the Arlo Pro 3 camera can only be connected to an Arlo SmartHub or base station.

Your Arlo Pro 4 camera comes with the following features:

  • 2K video resolution with high dynamic range (HDR)
  • Direct to WiFi router connectivity (no SmartHub or base station needed)
  • Color night vision
  • 160-degree field of view
  • Auto Zoom and Tracking
  • An integrated spotlight
  • An integrated smart siren
  • A free Arlo Smart subscription trial