How far can I place my Arlo wire-free cameras from the base station?

Keep distance in mind when placing your Arlo wire-free cameras:

  • Maximum. You can place your Arlo camera a maximum of 300 feet (90 meters) from the SmartHub or base station. The maximum line-of-sight range of 300 feet is reduced by each wall, ceiling, or other major obstruction between the camera and base station. The following materials reduce signal strength the most:
    • Large quantities of water, such as the water in a fish tank or water heater
    • Metal
    • Glass, especially mirrors
    • Ceramic
    • Stone
    • Concrete
    • Brick
    • Unusually thick walls and ceilings
    Note: Check the camera LED on the Smarthub or base station; if it's blinking amber, the base station detects a low data rate, a sign that a camera is too far from the base station.
  • Minimum. Place your Arlo cameras at least 10 feet from the SmartHub or base station, and allow at least 6.5 feet (2 meters) between cameras. Follow these guidelines to prevent WiFi signals between the devices from interfering with each other.