Why isn't the Geofencing mode working?

Each Arlo user has a unique setup environment. This article provides the most common Geofencing troubleshooting solutions.

  • You’re using the old Arlo Legacy app
    Arlo recently released a new app that all users must download and install. For more information, visit Why do I need to download a new Arlo app?.
    When you install the new Arlo app, Geofencing stops working on the old version of the app (the Arlo Legacy app). When you log in to the new Arlo app for the first time on your iOS or Android device, and if you had Geofencing active on the Legacy app, the new app invites you to add that device to the list of ‘Enabled Devices.’ Enabled Devices can trigger Geofencing Home/Away mode changes.
    If you’re a Friend on someone’s Arlo account and would like your iOS or Android device to trigger Home/Away mode changes, ask the account owner to re-enable your device for Geofencing. The account owner must have migrated their iOS or Android device to the new Arlo app before re-adding friends to Geofencing.
    Once you install the new Arlo app on an iOS or Android device, Geofencing settings are reset to ensure a smooth migration and provide you full control over Geofencing in the new app.
  • Your iOS or Android device is not sharing its location information with the Arlo system
    For Arlo Geofencing to work on your device, you must adjust your settings as follows:
    • Android devices
      • Location permission = ON
      • Location services = ON
      • Battery saver = OFF
      • Data limit = OFF
      • Airplane mode = OFF
    • iOS (Apple) devices
      • Share my location = ON
      • Location services = Always
      • Airplane mode = OFF
  • One or more iOS or Android devices are still in the Device Location zone
    We strongly recommend that you enable only one iOS or Android device per physical user on an Arlo account. This should be the device that you carry every day. For example, if you routinely use an Android phone and an iPad, we recommend that you only set your Android phone as an Enabled Device in your Geofencing settings.
    The Arlo system only changes the active mode from Home to Away when all enabled iOS and Android devices have left the designated Device Location in Geofencing settings.
    To review which mobile devices participate in Geofencing, open the Arlo app and check the Enabled Devices page in Geofencing settings. Remove any devices that you do not want to trigger Home/Away mode changes.
    For more information, visit How do I add and manage multiple mobile devices for Geofencing?.
  • One or more iOS or Android devices that were enabled for Geofencing changed location sharing settings
    The iOS and Android operating systems routinely notify you when you are sharing your location with the Arlo app. The operating system then asks if you wish to continue sharing your location.
    • For iOS devices. Select the Always option for sharing your location.
    • For Android devices. Depending on the version of Android you’re running, select Allow all the time or Allow.

      If any other option is selected, your iOS or Android device stops sending location information to Arlo. The device then appears as Unavailable in the Enabled Devices page of the Arlo app. If you enter or leave your Device Location zone with one of these devices, a Home or Away mode change is not triggered.
  • You have a task-killing app that is interfering with Arlo Geofencing
    A task-killing app, such as Shutapp or Doze, can disable Arlo Geofencing. To use Arlo Geofencing, disable any apps that suppress the Arlo app.
  • You were granted access as a Friend on someone's Arlo account, but the owner did not allow access rights and/or did not enable your iOS or Android device for Geofencing
    If you’re a Friend on someone else’s Arlo account, your iOS and Android device can only change Home/Away modes if the owner does the following:
    • Turn on the Allow Access Rights setting.
      For more information about allowing access rights for a friend, visit How do I edit my friend’s privileges in my Arlo account?.
    • Set your device as an Enabled Device in Geofencing settings.

      As a shared or guest user, you’re not able to modify Geofencing settings.

Still experiencing issues with Geofencing?

Each Arlo user has a unique setup, so your system might need additional troubleshooting. If you’re still experiencing issues with Geofencing, contact our Customer Support Team, and provide us with more information.

For more information about the Geofencing mode, visit How does Arlo Geofencing work and how do I set it up?.