How can multiple people access the same Arlo account?

Arlo allows only one registered administrative user per account. However, you can add friends to your Arlo account. Friends have limited access to some of the settings and features on your Arlo account. Friends can view live streams from your cameras and view or favorite video clips in your Arlo video library. You can also choose to grant limited administrative rights, such as selecting modes, sharing or deleting clips from the Library, and manually recording videos. You can select which cameras friends see.

Granting access to friends also lets multiple people view the same cameras and videos at the same time.

Note: To maintain the privacy and security of your account, Arlo strongly recommends that you use the Arlo app or the Arlo web interface to grant access to friends and family members. Do not share your login information with them.

For more information about granting access to friends, see How do I add friends to my Arlo account?.