Subscription and payment issues

Follow these steps if your issue concerns buying or paying for a subscription:

1. Wrong credit card information

Check carefully all the information about the credit card: number, expiration date, etc. All the entered information has to be the same as on the credit card. Arlo accepts two types of card: Visa and MasterCard. If the problem persists, try with another credit card.

2. Payment option

Note that you can use one of the following payment options: Visa, MasterCard, or PayPal. If you experience issues trying to use a card, change the payment option and try again.

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3. Device used to buy a subscription

You can purchase an Arlo Secure plan on an Android mobile device or through our website: It’s not possible to purchase or change a subscription on iOS devices.

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4. Browser troubleshooting

If you are experiencing issues when using a browser (page freezing, you cannot click on buttons or type the data, etc.), please try doing the following:

5. Applying a promo code

You can enter a promo code when purchasing an Arlo Secure plan on the payment information page by tapping or clicking Enter a Promo Code. In case the promo code isn’t accepted, please ensure that you’re entering/copying and pasting it correctly.

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6. How to activate an Arlo trial

When you purchase an Arlo device, the trial activates automatically after you set up the device in the Arlo app. There’s no code to apply or enter.

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Follow these steps if your issue is related to an Arlo Secure plan activation:

1. Adding camera to the plan

If you want to add an Arlo device to your active Arlo Secure plan, you can do this via your Arlo Secure app (for Android users) or Settings > Subscription > Manage Cameras. In this menu, you can add or remove your cameras/doorbells to the Arlo Secure plan.

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2. Changing the subscription plan

You can change the existing subscription plan by going to Settings > Subscription > Change Plan via your Android device or on

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3. Buying an Arlo Smart subscription

If you are using Arlo Smart subscription, you can keep it; however, if you cancel it, it won’t be possible to repurchase it or change it for an Arlo Smart Premier/Elite subscription. You can only switch to a new Arlo Secure plan.

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4. Legacy subscriptions no longer available

Legacy subscription offers for users who have first generation devices (Arlo Wire-Free, Arlo Pro, Pro 2, Arlo Go, Q and Q Plus, Arlo Baby) are no longer available. Our new products (Arlo Pro 3, Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight, Arlo Ultra, Ultra 2/XL, Arlo Pro 4/XL, Arlo Essential Spotlight/XL, Arlo Essential Indoor, Arlo Go 2) come with a 3-month Arlo Secure trial that cannot be extended after this period.

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5. Canceling your subscription plan/trial

Only you can cancel your subscription plan or trial. Remember to download your recordings before cancelling the plan, as they will be permanently deleted from your Arlo account. Please note that Arlo subscriptions can be canceled only via our web portal (

Note: when you cancel your service plan, it will be active until the end of the current billing cycle (no refund option). If you cancel 1 of more than 2 plans on your account, you will receive prorated refund. In case you downgrade plan, you will also receive prorated refund.

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