How do I use 3D Touch to switch modes for all of my Arlo devices simultaneously?

When you use 3D Touch Quick Actions from your iPhone home screen, you can switch all of your Arlo device modes with a single gesture. You must use an iPhone 6s or later that runs Arlo App version 2.0.3 or later, with 3D Touch enabled.

To switch modes on all your Arlo devices simultaneously:

Note: Geofencing enabled devices must have their GPS or location service enabled.

  1. Log in to your Arlo App.
  2. Firmly press and hold the Arlo App on your Home screen.
    The 3D Touch menu displays: Armed, Disarmed, Schedule, and Geofencing.
    Note: Geofencing displays only if it is enabled.
  3. Tap a mode to switch all of your Arlo devices to.
    The icon next to each device refreshes to display the updated mode.


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