How do I set up the Arlo Smart e911 feature?

Normally, when you make an emergency phone call, you are connected to emergency dispatchers near the location where you made the phone call. With the e911 feature, your call reaches the emergency dispatchers closest to the address that you specified in your Arlo app.

To set up the Arlo Smart e911 feature:

  1. Launch the Arlo app or log in to your Arlo account at
  2. Tap or click Settings > e911.
  3. Tap or click Get Started.
  4. Enter the address that you want emergency responders to go to.
    Note: The e911 feature supports only one address per Arlo account.
  5. Tap or click Save.
    e911 is enabled.

    For more information about the e911 feature, visit What is the Arlo Smart e911 feature and how does it work?