How do I charge my Arlo Essential wire-free camera?

You can use the included USB charging cable to charge your camera indoors, or you can use a VMA3600 Solar Panel (sold separately) to charge your camera outdoors.

Note: The battery in the Arlo Essential wire-free camera can’t be removed.

USB charging

The USB charging cable that came in the box with your camera is for indoor charging only. You must dismount your camera and bring it indoors to charge it. Generally, you can connect the charging cable to any USB power source.

To charge your camera with the included USB charger:

  1. Remove your Essential wire-free camera from the mount.
    Note: You don’t need to unscrew the mount from the wall. You only need to unscrew the camera from the mount.
  2. Bring the camera indoors.
  3. Pull the flap at the bottom of the camera to reveal the USB charging port.
  4. Plug the USB charging cable into the camera.

Note: Make sure to charge your Essential wire-free camera indoors only. The charging cable is not meant for outdoor use. To use your camera outdoors while it charges, you must use a VMA3600 Solar Panel (sold separately).

Solar panel charging

You can use a VMA3600 Solar Panel (sold separately) to connect your Essential wire-free camera to continuous power. The solar panel uses direct sunlight to keep your battery charged. The solar panel is weather resistant, comes with an 8-foot power cable, and an adjustable mount.