What does Error 201 mean?

The Error 201 or connection failed message displays if your Arlo Wire-Free cameras cannot connect to the base station. One of the causes of connection failure is that one or more of the ports on your network is blocked.  Arlo systems stream data using encrypted RTMP over TCP port 80.

Sometimes port 80 is blocked in office environments. If you are using your Arlo system in an office environment and Error 201 displays, contact your IT team and ask them if port 80 is blocked. If port 80 is blocked, ask IT to open the port to allow streaming.

If you are using Arlo in your home and you see an Error 201 or connection failed message, check that the firewall software installed on your computer is not blocking port 80. For information on how to unblock port 80, refer to your firewall software documentation.

Additionally, proxy servers might cause connection problems. If you have a proxy server at your office, ask your IT team if it is possible to circumvent the proxy server from the computer that you use at work.