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The Security System with 2 Sensors & Additional Sensor Bundle

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Introducing the award-winning Arlo Home Security System with All-in-One Sensors – the most versatile, customizable, and comprehensive smart home security system that you can easily setup yourself.

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Item No. SS1201-100NAS

Keep your Arlo Home Security System online and powered during outages up to 12 hours.¹ You might not always be able to count on the power grid or home Wi-Fi, but now you can count on your home security staying powered. The Arlo Cellular and Battery Backup is the perfect accessory for peace of mind all the time.

  • Get coverage when power or Wi-Fi is out.
  • Easily stack with your Keypad Sensor Hub.
  • Includes a pre-inserted SIM card so you are up and running out of the box.¹
Item No. LBB1001-100NAS

The first security sensor with 8 detection functions in one compact design gives you ultimate flexibility to place anywhere inside your home for better protection. Get notified when a door is opened or closed, when motion is detected in your home, or even when a water leak is detected under the sink. Combine multiple detection functions through the Arlo Secure App for stronger security coverage. Protect your home with:

  • Motion Detection
  • Open/Close Detection
  • Water Leak Detection
  • Freeze Detection
  • Tilt Detection
  • Light Detection
  • Smoke Listening1
  • CO Alarm Listening1

Only works with Arlo's Home Security System
2 Sensor Keypad Hub or 5 Sensor Keypad Hub.

Item No. MS1001-100NAS

Total Price $309.97

1Smoke/CO alarm listening and Cellular and Battery Backup require an Arlo paid plan with Professional Monitoring for $19.99 per month after trial. Cellular and Battery Backup sold separately. Battery backup duration will vary with device settings, use, and environmental factors.