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We take your
privacy personally.

Our commitment.

At Arlo, we’re as passionate about protecting your privacy as we are about safeguarding your home and family. We are committed to supporting industry standards for data protection designed to keep your personal information private and in your control. After all, we’re here to bring you peace of mind and you shouldn’t have to give up your privacy to feel secure.


Your personal data belongs to you and you alone.

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We don’t monetize your
personal data.

Our business is delivering Arlo services and Arlo functionality, and any related services or functionality that you affirmatively choose and nothing else. Arlo was founded as a security company first and foremost. Our most important responsibility is protecting you and providing peace of mind by letting you keep an eye on your home, your business, and your loved ones, not by utilizing your personal information as a commodity to make money.

Your personal information
should be yours.

Our products and services are designed to protect your privacy and give you control over your information. As part of delivering our products and services, we must at times disclose certain information to partners, and we are committed to transparency about how your information is shared. We won’t share your videos or account info with law enforcement, unless you consent or there’s a legally enforceable search warrant or court order, and we never share your videos for private litigation matters without your consent.


Your data is for your eyes only.

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We provide enhanced controls for your data.

We store your videos in the Arlo cloud only for the duration of your chosen Arlo plan. After that, your videos are automatically permanently deleted or cleaned from the Arlo cloud. You can also manually delete your videos from the Arlo cloud by using the Arlo app. When you manually delete videos, they are promptly permanently deleted from the Arlo cloud. If you choose to give us videos to help us improve our software and services, we will delete those videos should you request that your personal information be deleted from Arlo’s system under applicable law, such as CCPA.

We support privacy legislation.

We want people to have a clear understanding of our privacy practices. Our privacy policy outlines how we collect and use information. We want product users to feel empowered to make decisions about their data and who has access to it. Our policy and practices generally implement the controls and concepts of various new privacy legislation, including the California Consumer Privacy Act and the General Data Protection Regulation. Learn more about our privacy policy here.


We protect your private moments.

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We keep your data safely secure.

We support industry-leading methods and practices designed to protect your account, such as giving you the option to enable two-factor authentication and access approval for new devices to verify it’s really you. Your videos are encrypted to protect against malicious intent. Beyond that, we continually monitor our cloud systems and utilize multiple data protection technologies and methodologies to actively look for security threats to keep your personal data safe.

We made security part of
our culture.

We have implemented strict company-wide information security policies and procedures to protect your privacy and enhance the secure use of our products by you. We support compliance with industry regulations and we also work with independent organizations to audit our services to help ensure we continue to meet the ever-evolving standards for cybersecurity. And we have a Cybersecurity Committee at the Board level to provide thought leadership and oversight.

Learn more about our privacy policy.

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